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Maximising Human Potential with Phillip Ramphisa, one of the most sought after Motivational Speakers and Guest Speakers.

Lasting change is sometimes not possible to create in a 30 minutes to 1 hour speech. Phillip offers guest speakers workshops in performance coaching to businesses to help them utilize their human capital to become successful and increase their profits.

Phillip offers guest speakers workshops and training on the following:

  1. Corporate culture, leadership and organisational team work training,
  2. People management for maximising productivity - this includes training on management strategies for increased productivity and customer service,
  3. Mastering influence to win in business - this includes training on increasing business and leadership influence to cultivate outcomes that the organisation cares about in both the internal and external environment (government and communitties).
  4. Environmental leadership in organisations - organisations as environmental ambassadors and training teams on becoming positive environmental change agents.
  5. Entrepreneurship - training on how to overcome psychological barriers to entrepreneurship and how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset

If you would like to turn your organisation around and empower your people in your organisation to have the passion to deliver results then Phillip will be one of the best Guest Speakers in South Africa that you can hire to coach you staff and management. Phillip holds an MBA degree from Wits University and has worked with organisations of all sizes. This equips him with useful knowledge in terms of what makes organisations successful and profitable.

If you would like to use Phillip to coach and supply Guest Speakers services to the people in your business please call us on 073 8800 392 or fill in the contact from this website, you can visit our Guest Speakers Blog page or visit my Guest Speakers Youtube channel to view more of his Guest Speaker Videos.

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