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Phillip Ramphisa's life and business impact changing keynote speaker topics include the following:
Business is Human
3 Super Powers to Change the World in Business

Does business exist to make money or to change the world? This is an important question that sparks debates depending on which side of capitalism you fall into. It doesn't matter what your answer is to the question. The truth is businesses that last and stand the test of time exist to change the world first and to make money second. Therefore, in order for a business to last it needs to increase its impact and change the wolrd in some way. But exactly†do you ensure that your organisation is geared to change the world in increase it's positive impact?

The purpose of this keynote is to inspire employees and conference or event attendees to become change agents in the world and in the world of business. Because when we become change agents, the businesses that we are involved in thrive whilst our personal lives also get enriched in a fulfiling manner. The keynote is meant to help businesses that seek to have more than just employees, it is intended for businesses that employees who connect meaningfuly to the business and seek to change the world just doing their work. This keynote will help your employees and event or conference attendees in the following manner:

-The audience will learn how to become change agents and catalyse positive change in your business. This will help your business in all its focus areas whether this is strategy execution, operational excellence or human motivation.

-The audience†will be inspired to find new solutions and breakthorughs that can†improve perfomance in your business.

-The audience will be inspired to get†set out new missions that will change the world of business and increase impact across all your business stakeholders including investors, customers and communities.

Every successful person has changed the world one way or the other. Successful businesses do the same. Inspire your audience and impact†their lives. Contact us to book this keynote.

Price for live events: R29 353

Price for virtual events (Zoom/Bluejeans/Microsoft teams†etc): R23 679

Sustainability and Environmental Leadership
How to lead environmental change

Over the years, laws and regulations have been promulgated that require industry to comply with environmental laws. Universal laws and guidelines on sustainability have been developed. Despite the sound laws, environmental degradation continues risking the capacity of the universe to self restore and to asbsorb the impact of human activities. Is are laws and regulations adequate to ensure a sustainable world? Is compliance enough?

The key question remains, what kind of leadership does the private sector and the government sector need in order to drive environmental change? The keynote on environmental and sustainability leadership seeks to unpack these questions and provide either solutions or thought provoking questions that would improve the status quo in your industry.

Contact us to book.

Price for live events: R29 353

Price for virtual events (Zoom/Bluejeans/Microsoft teams†etc): R23 679

The Winning Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial greats, Richard Brandson, Elon Musk and Phil Knight all have a mindset that if correctly modelled creates superior†results in entrepreneurial ventures. The key question is what is it that successful entreprenurs have that other struggling entreprenurs do not have. Is it talent, resources, networks, passion...?

This keynote unpacks the secrets of success in entrepreneurship. Your audinece will learn the secrets and adopt a new entrepreneurial mindset sure to guarantee success. Your audience will also learn to overcome†psychological barriers to entrepreneurship and develop†a winning entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs meet with obstacles, this is a fact, those know possess the right mindset are the ones able to turn obstacles into opportunities. Contact us to book Phillip Ramphisa for this keynote.

Price for live events: R29 353

Price for virtual events (Zoom/Bluejeans/Microsoft teams†etc): R23 679

How to develop a winning environmental and sustainability strategy
What is your corporate sustainability strategy?

Many businesses fail to have impact when it comes to sustainability. One of the main reasons this happens is due to the lack of a sound sustainability strategy. Often business executives speak a different language than the language spoken by sustainability or environmental practitioners. The core business strategy hardly ever links to the sustainability strategy. This results in the loss of brand equity and other operational excellence benefits that a sound sustainability startegy can bring to the business. This keynote will help your organisation and audience learn the fundamentals of developing and executing a winning sustainability strategy.

Price for live events: R29 353

Price for virtual events (Zoom/Bluejeans/Microsoft teams†etc): R23 679

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You can visit our†Guest Speaker blog page†or visit our†Guest Speaker Youtube channel†to view more of his personal development and† Motivational speaker Videos. We can discuss your organisationís or institutionís specific needs to tailor a suitable message. If you would like to enquirer please fill in the contact form from this website or call 073 8800 382.

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